How to Prepare for Your Senior Session

Senior sessions are a unique and creative way to capture an epic time in a teenager’s life.
Do you really want to remember this time with a picture of yourself in a grad cap and gown?
All those years leading up to graduation are what have formed you as a young adult and it’s your personal interests, passions and goals that truly represent YOU.
I want to incorporate those details into this session and let your personality take center stage.

Listed below are a few pre-session tips and recommendations from moi on how to best prepare:

1.    Be comfortable, colourful and coordinated.And most importantly, be YOU.

2.      Hair & Makeup:

  •  This is not the time to try a new haircut, new makeup or a new wardrobe style. You want these images to reflect your personality – who you are NOW. Keep in mind that fresh haircuts look fresh, unnatural makeup looks unnatural. And when you wear something outside of your comfort zone, it shows.
  • Makeup is good; even coverage photographs well.
  •  Hair: As I mentioned, if you plan to get a haircut, do it at least a week before the session. If you’re planning an up-do, don’t go overboard – you still want to look like you. Consider your outfit and the location and find a style that suits. If you need help deciding or what my input, just shoot me a quick email.
  •  Clothing should fit well, be comfortable and should match the setting. Ball gowns at the beach look silly. Trust me.
  • No logos or visible wording on clothing; it’s very distracting.
  • Layering is a good tip; different textures & patterns can add depth and really please the eyes.
  •  Be mindful of wrinkles please.\ Accessories are fun and can really make an outfit pop; a chunky necklace, flowing scarf, bulky belt, etc…The best part is that if it doesn't work, you can take it off.

3.       Props: If you have a hobby, passion, talent, ANYTHING you wish to incorporate into your session, bring it along (and give me a heads up). Props can add a fun & creative element to your session.  

4.       What to bring?

  • If you’d like to switch up your outfit, feel free to bring a change of clothes or shoes. (Please note that depending on the location, a change room may not be accessible.)
  • Touch ups; bring along any makeup, lip gloss, hair pins, etc… that you may need during the session.
  •  Hydrate: Believe it or not, a photo session can be tiring and the most common thing that people overlook is staying hydrated (myself included). Bring along a bottle of water and/or snacks so you can keep your energy flowing.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. My ultimate goal is for you to enjoy this experience and love your images, so whatever I can do to make that happen, I’m on it :)