You've had your session and you've downloaded your images, and now it's time to print them...but where?
You can print wherever you choose (as stated in your print release) however I HIGHLY recommend a professional photo lab for best results. You've invested the time and money into a photo session, so don't sacrifice print quality.
OK... but where?
Good question.
Let me help.

Here are my top options (in no particular order):
1. Costco. Shocking, I know. I had my reservations too, but you can't beat their quality/price ratio. It's also a convenient and practical option, which is important for busy families. 
2. Mixbook. This is an online service offering prints and products galore. Great designs, service and guess what, they print in CANADA! I'm ordering calendars through them this year.
3. Michelle Ma Belle Photography. WHAAAAT???! Yes, you can now order prints, enlargements as well as holiday greeting cards through me! I have created a account with a professional Canadian lab for highest quality and I do all the ordering for you. Check out my pricing sheet HERE. (TBA)

**IMPORTANT**  Before you print, please review this checklist:

  • Did I save to a computer or a USB to preserve the highest resolution/quality of my images?
    Downloading your images to a mobile device or tablet will resize the images and lower their resolution/quality. 
  • Did I review the cropped imaged of the print to make sure no one is missing a limb or head?
    Not all crop sizes share the same ratio therefore you could accidentally crop out important aspects of an image unintentionally. Just do a quick review of your crops before ordering to be safe. This also applies to any products such as mousepads, coasters, keychains, etc...
  • Did I opt for no additional enhancing/editing of the photos?
    Some companies offer the option to enhance your images before printing. DO NOT use this option. I have already processed your images for best print quality. Adding their enhancements can change colour, sharpness, etc.. and ultimately the look of your image.

Questions? Contact me if you require further assistance.