My basic rule, which applies to any session, is to be comfortable and coordinated. You want your clothing to complement each other and the setting.  You also want to wear clothing that is comfortable and that truly represents your personality and style.


A few tips specific to maternity:

Layers: Layers add texture and contrast, and look especially lovely with a bump.  During the warmer months, a light, flowy dress is a good option and can be paired with a shawl or fun jewellery.  If dresses aren’t your thing, an airy and light coloured top is a great alternative. During the colder months, scarves, mitts and hats make great accent pieces. Dark, rich colours offer a great contrast with the white snow.     

Textures: As I mentioned above layers add texture and by mixing materials like cotton, lace, wool, chiffon, etc... You can really give boost these details and make photos pop.

Figure flattering: Trust me, even though you may not feel like you do now, you WILL want to look back on your lovely, life bearing body; and so will your children. Embrace it, flaunt it and show it off! Wear clothing that flows over your beautiful bump and hugs your curves.

Avoid clothing that is shiny, overly baggy, full of patterns, or neon - not that fluorescent pink is really in right now anyway.

- Hair & Makeup:  Treat yourself and feel pretty! Please remember that whatever you decide to you do, make sure that you still look like YOU.  Keep  the words “soft & natural” in the back of your mind , or in the mind of your hair dresser/makeup artist. Makeup applied evenly and modestly photographs really well. When choosing your hairstyle, consider the location, the potential weather and your clothing. Your hairstyle should be consistent with the overall look you want to achieve. 

What to bring?

Props: This is entirely up to you. If you have any items of special meaning, such as a baby outfit, shoes, blanket, picture or toy, bring them along and I can incorporate them into a shot.

Siblings: A family maternity session is definitely an option and certainly encouraged. Please list all subjects participating in your session in your agreement form.

Touch ups: Bring along any makeup, lip gloss, hair pins, etc… that you may need during the session.

Hydrate:  Take care of yourself – and that baby! Believe it or not, a photo session can be tiring and the most common thing that people overlook is staying hydrated (myself included). Bring along a bottle of water and/or snacks so you can keep your energy flowing.