The Snap & Chat Workshop is designed for moms who want to learn how to use their fancy camera and take more creative photos of their family and their daily life. This course is split in two 2-hr classes, one week apart, to allow students to digest the information and practice their new skills in between classes. We will cover some camera basics to help you achieve certain looks and styles, as well as how light impacts the mood and quality of your images. You will learn how to create moments, how best to capture them, and how to engage your children and inspire natural interaction with genuine emotion.  We will also cover some basic post-processing techniques and you will have the opportunity to view and compare print and display options. Questions are encouraged throughout the course and there will be a portion of the last class dedicated to Q&A.


Student Review

"I've taken some, one-size-fits-all store photography classes, but my experience taking Michelle's workshop far surpassed those. The small class size and comfortable setting really left me feeling relaxed. Her passion and dedication really shined through. We covered a lot in a short period but it never felt rushed. Michelle is a encouraging teacher and is as organized as they come. She really maximized our time together (which as a busy mom I really appreciate). I'm finally using my camera again!"

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