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Where are you located?

We are based in Ottawa, Ontario. (Ottawa South)
We provide services to Ottawa and its surrounding areas, as well as the Ottawa Valley.
If the session location is more than 35kms from my office, a travel fee of $0.60/km may apply.

What is your specialty?

We specialize in family lifestyle portraiture; this includes family, maternity, newborn & extended family sessions.
We photograph families outdoors or in their homes, providing a mix of formal portraits and lifestyle images. We focus on family-led photography which means that although we do offer some guidance and pose suggestions, we encourage and inspire authentic interactions and let the session flow naturally.

Do you photograph weddings?

We do offer intimate wedding services which includes up to 4 hours coverage. Please contact us to set up a consultation where we can provide you with a custom quote.

Do you offer head shots?

Yes, we do. We have a portable backdrop which we can bring to you! Contact us for more information. 

What makes you stand out?

With Michelle Ma Belle Photography your investment receives the utmost attention to detail and ultimate customer service. We offer customized full service photography which means that together we plan and create your ideal session and determine how to best display or use your memories. We collaborate with you from start to finish to make your experience fully customized and unique.

Session Fees & Process

What is included in the session fee?

Session fees include an initial consultation (in person or by phone) to ensure all expectations are well communicated, session prep, the portrait session itself, the time required to professionally process your images, as well as the time to prepare and host your custom viewing and selection appointment at our office. 
The session fee does not include printed products or digital files.

How do I pay?

When you a book a session, you will receive an invoice. Payment can be made via email transfer, Paypal, cash, or credit. E-transfer and Paypal can be sent to Please use "mabelle" as your password for e-transfers.

A few notes regarding payment:  

  • You can cancel or reschedule your session up to 24 hours before the session date and your payment will transfer over to a new session date.

  • If you don’t show up for your appointment or you are more than 15 minutes late (without notice), your payment will not be reimbursed.

  • In the event of Mother Nature's wrath, your payment will transfer over to a new session date. Rain is ok but downpours, storms and such don't really bring out the best smiles. We will check the forecast within that 24 hr period and after discussing our options with you, we will make a judgement call at that time. If a storm creeps up on us, don't fret - your payment is safe.

  • If for some reason we must cancel our appointment, we will refund you deposit if you are not interested in rescheduling, no questions asked.

What is a "custom ORDERING appointment/session"?

This is the most exciting part! You will join me at my office to view your photos and place your order. Our office is equipped with a large screen television for your viewing pleasure, as well as comfortable seating and several sample products to examine and adore first hand. We will assist you in your selection by providing expert advise and recommendations on product options and/or placement, and we will look after placing your order with one of our professional labs.

What print products do you offer?

We offer an extensive line of professional quality printed products such as wall art, photo albums, fine art prints, and more. You are welcome to browse our Investment Guide HERE which includes pricing and product information.
There is no purchase minimum requirement.

Do you sell digital files?

Absolutely! We definitely encourage you to use our stellar print services but we understand the need and desire for digital files as well. 
Digital files are also included with the purchase of our keepsake albums (10x10 +),  heirloom products, and wall art displays (16x20 +).

What are "web files"?

Web files are digital files that can be used to share your images on social media. They are resized for this purpose and are not printable. They have a small watermark in the bottom corner which is not to be removed or cropped out of the photograph.

Do you provide an online gallery?

If you purchase or receive any digital files with your order, you will receive an online gallery from which you can download your files. An online gallery can be provided for family members who live out of town following the original print order.

Where can I find product descriptions and pricing information?

We have developed a practical and user-friendly online Investment Guide which includes product and pricing information. CLICK HERE to view the Investment Guide. Digital files are also included with the purchase of our keepsake albums, heirloom products, and wall art displays.

When is payment required for my product order?

Your order must be placed and paid for during the custom selection appointment. Payment can be made by cash, credit or e-transfer. 
Payment plans are available upon request. Product orders are not placed until full payment is received.

What if we cannot attend a selection appointment in person? 

The custom selection appointment is a pivotal part of the full service photography model and is the only way to view your photos. We promise that you will enjoy the entire experience and the in-person assistance with your order.
If you or other family members do not live in the Ottawa area, please contact us to discuss your options.

Session Info

Do you offer mini sessions?

We do not offer "mini" sessions, however we do offer unique sessions and promotions throughout the year which are announced ad hoc. We provide a high level of customer service to all of our clients; there are no "mini" clients! 

Where will my session take place?

Your session can take place at your home or at a location mutually decided upon by both parties. If you're looking for suggestions, I can provide a list of potential locations to suit your needs. I recommend locations that are familiar to the family and where you feel most comfortable, whether it be indoors or out. 
If you have access to a unique property, please let me know.

When should we schedule our session?

In terms of booking your session, choose a date that will give yourself and your family time to prepare. If you are considering a Spring, Summer or Fall session, please book as soon as you know your availability.

What time should we book our session?

Outdoor sessions are booked one to two hours before sunset or sunrise and indoor sessions are typically booked in the morning hours. 
In order to ensure quality photographs and a pleasant experience, I schedule outdoor sessions according to best light. I prefer to take advantage of the natural “golden” light that occurs at either the beginning (sunrise) or the end of the day, especially during the warmer months. Midday sun can be harsh and the summer heat can often play a factor in the overall comfort of those posing for pictures. During the cooler months, the sun is much less harsh and sets earlier so late afternoon sessions are ideal. I do not book outdoor sessions during the morning, unless it's within an hour of sunrise. Indoor or in-home sessions can be booked during the morning hours to allow as much natural light in the home as possible.
Please note: Your family schedule/routine plays a big role when booking the time of your session. It's best to schedule a time slot that does not interfere with naps or eating. It's also best to avoid booking a session in between family activities or just a busy day in general. You want to be calm, comfortable and happy.

Who can we include in our session?

I have different session packages to suit your requirements. Standard family, maternity or newborn sessions are for single family units only, which basically means mom/dad with child/children, or whatever variation of that "family" unit you may have. If you wish to include extended family members, we do offer an extended family session fee. Please visit our services and fees page for more information.

Can we include our pets in our session?

Yes, I like animals :)  I simply ask that you discuss this detail with me prior to your session so that I come prepared.

Can I take pictures with my phone/camera?

You have hired me to take professional portraits of your family, therefore I ask that all other forms of media, including cellphones, not be used to take photos during the session. Trust me, I got this ;)

Your Photos

When will my photos be ready?

Within two weeks of your session your photos will be professionally processed and ready for viewing at your ordering appointment. Exact timelines vary throughout the year but we guarantee within 2 weeks for all family sessions.  A sneak peek will be available on our Facebook page within 48 hrs, unless you have requested to keep your images private. 

Will any "sneak peeks" be posted on social media?

Within 48 hrs of your session, we will post an image or two to our Facebook Page and/or Instagram. You are welcome to Like, Tag and/or Share these posts.
Following your selection session, we will share a blog post to our Facebook Page and send you a link to share with friends and family.

Can I keep my photos private and off social media/internet?

Absolutely. Our standard agreement includes a model release which can be amended to reflect this type of request. We fully respect our client's choice to keep their images private.

Can I post my images on Facebook, twitter, etc.? 

You can post your purchased images to your social media sites. You are always welcome to share & tag images directly from my Facebook page as well. Please do not copy and paste images from my Facebook page to post on your personal page, or remove my watermark from an image. 

What if I want to purchase all of the unedited photos from my session?

As much as I dislike saying no to clients, I’m afraid it’s the only answer I can give and I do have a couple valid reasons why:
1.    I’m doing you a big favour by weeding through the images.
You might think that having all photos, even unedited ones, would be great. You want to see each and every one just to make sure I didn’t miss anything good. But trust me and leave this job to me as your photographer. Sorting through hundreds of photos – many of which are almost exactly the same minus Joey's eyes being closed, Bob's sneeze, Mary's wind blows hair over her face - is actually tedious and boring. It is my duty to choose that special one out of the 5 shots I took of you in the same pose that has the best composition, facial expression, light, clarity, etc. And personally, I don’t want to attach my name to anything that doesn’t look completely awesome.
Bottom Line: Photographers pinpoint the very best images so that you don’t have to.
2.    It’s my artwork.
I spend a lot of time choosing and processing the best photos for my clients. I do this not only because I want you to have the best possible images, but also because my photos are an expression of who I am as an artist. Respectable professionals in any career field want to give people the best of their work. I choose not to give you all those other images for a reason: they’re simply not as good!
Ultimately, you need to trust me as your photographer. It's important to hire someone whose style you strongly connect with;  only then can you be sure there will be tons of images you’ll love. 

What if I'm not totally satisfied with my photos?

It is my responsibility to produce images that are consistent with my portfolio.
It is your responsibility to hire a photographer whose style you love and results you desire.
If you've seen my past work and love it, that's what you can expect your photograph's to look like! 
I only offer re-shoots or refunds in the unfortunate event of a technical malfunction (equipment, storage, etc...) and not for creative differences.



Still have questions? Contact me :)