What is a cake smash session?

A cake smash is a special (and messy) occasion to celebrate and document your child's first birthday in a fun and unique way. Basically we give them a cake and see what happens. We hope for smiles and giggles, but not every baby likes cake. Either way, it's a good time!

What should my child wear?

Less is more. A cute tutu, a lil tie, a simple headband, or even just a diaper goes a long way.
Again, keep is simple and focus on what's important - the mess of course!

What if I have a specific theme in mind?

That's great! Just give me a heads up so we can plan this out together. It is VERY important that you discuss any ideas or goals you have in mind for your session. I will work with you to ensure I have the proper set up so that you get the best possible results. I do have some studio props available if need be.

Do we bring our own cake?

I do recommend bringing your own so that you get exactly the cake you want, especially if your child has any known allergies, however you do have the option to add a cake to your session for a fee.

Cake tips:

  • Lighter coloured cakes photograph much better than darker ones and look best smeared on the baby's face (outdoors - in studio dark is fine)
  • Avoid pure white frosting; try off-white or different colours for best results
  • Details such as sprinkles and coloured accents are very photogenic ;)
  • Size doesn't matter; a small cake or even a cupcake can be just as fun (and messy)

Where does this session take place?

The cake smash can take place outdoors or in your home.

Will it be messy?

Darn tootin'! And not only the baby will get messy so Mom or Dad, don't wear your Sunday's best!

How will we clean up?

Have a plastic bag ready for the icing-smothered clothing, as well as wipes and towels next to the scene for quick clean up. If you're at my home, I will have these items available for you.
Please have a change of clothes on hand for the birthday girl or boy.

What if we don't want to smash a cake?

Did you want to smash something else? Watermelon? Paint? I'm open to new ideas!
If you'd rather no mess at all, you can opt for a standard portrait session for your child's first birthday.