A Sweet Summer Evening with Michelle Ma Belle Photography

Yet another beautiful summer sunset family portrait session at one of my favourite locations in Ottawa! I knew it was going to be gorgeous when Mom showed up in a lovely kimono that perfectly matched the garden flowers. Colour coordination makes my soul happy!

 This estrogen-filled family welcomed its newest lovely lady four months ago; it was time for some updated family portraits! Working with a family full of girls was a bit of a culture shock for this veteran mom of boys but I enjoyed the challenge xoxo

Summer Family Photo Session, Ottawa ON

Family Lifestyle Portraiture, Ottawa ON

Ottawa Family Lifestyle Photographer

Location Scouting

Clients often comment on how they “never knew this place existed” and wonder how I found it. I pride myself on providing fully custom photography services to each of every one of my clients. This is why I spend many hours scouting the city for beautiful, quiet, and unique locations for family portraits. I know that it can be awkward to pose in front of crowds and dodge tourists while trying to “act natural”.  I also want your memories captured at a place that suits your family’s style and dynamics as much as possible to inspire authentic interactions and emotions.

Sibling Portraits, Ottawa ON

Family photos in garden, Ottawa ON

Summer Photo Session, Ottawa ON

Professional Photography Services

With Michelle Ma Belle Photography, you don’t book a session, show up, smile a bit and leave; I walk you through the planning process, I get to know you and your family before you stand in front of my camera, and I take care of your photography needs after the photo session is done. That is what professional full service photography is all about.

Family portraits at Fletcher Gardens, Ottawa ON

Family Lifestyle Portraits, Ottawa ON

Family Photography, Ottawa ON

Display Your Memories

With so many memories captures and lovely images to choose from, how can you choose just one to display in your home? Well, you don’t have to! I LOVE cluster creations for that reason. These modern and unique wall art designs allow you to display several photos in a collage-style display. By selecting a few of your favourite photographs, you will be able to relive the full experience on a daily basis in one glance. And guess what? Cluster Creations are 20% OFF until the end of July 2018! Check them out online in our Product Guide.

Outdoor Family Photo Session, Ottawa ON

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer

Ottawa's Family Lifestyle Photographer

Michelle Ma Belle Photography specializes in family and maternity lifestyle portraits as well as extended family portrait session. We only take on a limited amount of appointments each month to ensure each client receives the attention and care they deserve.
To book your summer family portrait session, you can conveniently book yourself in online by click HERE. You are also welcome to contact us to chat about your photography needs.

Create Summer Memories with Michelle Ma Belle Photography

Create Summer Memories with Michelle Ma Belle Photography

Why Sunset is so Special, Ottawa's Family Lifestyle Photographer

Why Sunset is so Special, Ottawa's Family Lifestyle Photographer