A Letter to the Mom Who Doesn't Have Time for Photos

A Letter to the Mom Who Doesn't Have Time for Photos

Fall Family Portrait Session

Tonight, it’s hockey practice – because a true Canadian mom knows that hockey is not just a winter sport. One kid is off to the dressing room to get changed and the other is grabbing a pre-dinner snack at the canteen, so you pull out your phone and start scrolling.
You notice that your colleague just updated her Facebook profile with a beautiful new portrait of her with son, and you think: 

“I need to do that.”

After practice, while putting something somewhat healthy together for supper, you do a quick Google search for local photographers. Whoa! There are so many to choose from! You follow a couple links, check out some websites, and then the water starts boiling over and the phone starts ringing (telemarketers have impeccable timing, right?). You wonder:

"How will I ever have time to plan family photos when I don’t even have time to search for a photographer?"

The kids start bickering, someone starts crying, and now someone is bleeding. Fabulous. Would the kids even be civil long enough for photo session?

Custom Canvas Wall Art Display

Fast forward to the weekend when there is inevitably a birthday party to attend. You bring your kid into their friend’s house and you notice a captivating family portrait on canvas displayed on their wall.

"Wow. I want that."

But where did they buy them? How did they choose which photos to print and how to place them on their wall?

Seriously, who has time for that?


To the mom who thinks she doesn’t have time for family photos

Fall Family Portraits in Ottawa, ON

To the mom who thinks she doesn’t have time for family photos,

I understand.

I’m a mom too. My kids are perpetually dirty or bruised, they fight over the oxygen in the room, and it feels like they just never listen to me. Add a schedule full of sports and events, the time-sucking daily routine of cleaning and cooking, and then an unexpected trip to CHEO when one of them finally learns why you’ve been telling them to use both their hands while riding their bike, and there just doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
Or at least, no time what YOU want.
Feels that way sometimes, right?

I understand.

And even if you managed to find an opening in your schedule for a photo session, how will you get hubby on board? How will you get the kids to behave? What is everyone going to wear? It can be overwhelming, right?

I understand.

What if the thing you wanted wouldn’t take up too much of your time?
What if someone could take care of all the details and just make it happen?
What if the thing you want was actually a fun outing for the entire family, including hubby?
I can make all that happen.

Ottawa Professional Family Photographer

I want you to have the family portraits that you long for.
I want you to display them proudly and artfully in your home.
I want you to enjoy every part of your photography experience from start to finish.
I help you with all the details and make it fun.
I take care of your printing needs.

I take the time to make it happen, so you don’t have to.
famsession_steph_48 WEB.jpg

And guess what?
You do not have buy new clothes.
You do not have to force the kids to wear collared shirts that make them itch (and whine).
You do not have to pose stiffly or awkwardly.
You CAN have fun.
You CAN genuinely smile and laugh, and make real memories with your family:

The kind of memories you will proudly display on the walls in your home.

Ottawa Family Lifestyle Photographer

So next time you’re waiting for your kid to finish using the potty, grab your phone, look me up, and book your session. I guarantee that will be time well spent.

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