What is Full Service Photography? Michelle Ma Belle Photography

You may have noticed that Michelle Ma Belle Photography is now a full service photography business. Pretty neat, eh?
But, uhm, what does that mean? 

I have always prided myself on providing clients with excellent customer service - my parents taught me well! I truly value my clients and have always treated them with respect, consideration, and I did my best to provide them with a positive photography experience. So naturally, my business evolved into fully customized photography services, which allow me to complete the customer service circle, so-to-speak.

Don't you love pulling out an old photo box and reminiscing about Uncle Bob's ridiculous toupee or Maggie's attempt at cutting her own bangs? Or how brutal the 80s were.... Even if the photos aren't wall art worthy they are full of memories and emotion. When was the last time you gathered around your computer to scroll through digital pictures? I know it's not something we do as a family, and even if we did, I highly doubt we'd share that same connection. 

The products I have to offer such as wall art, album and prints, are 100% q-u-a-l-i-t-y. Nothing but the best for my clients. I want these items to be shared and passed on throughout the generations. I want them pulled out at family events so that everyone can connect without the use of electronics. I want them to fill your home and make you smile when you come home from a brutal day at the office. 

For me, it's not even just about the prints and the art, it's about taking care of my client's needs, from start to finish. You are letting me peek into your life; often at some rather vulnerable and intimate times. I want you to feel comfortable including me in these memories and trust that your investment is in good hands. I certainly don't want our photo session be the first time we meet and get to know each other! My photography services start long before I even pick up my camera and don't stop until long after I've exhausted my battery. 

I redesigned my office with you in mind. I wanted an inviting and comfortable space for us to chat and connect. At your consultation, we plan the details of your photo session; everything from location to clothing to a list must-have captured moments. We also discuss the best way to display those moments to best suit your style, home decor, and budget. By the time photo day rolls around, it's all gravy! You can just have fun and trust that everything has been taken care of and that you'll have gorgeous art and prints to display afterwards. 

Still not sure what I'm talking about? Come on over! I'd love the opportunity to chat with you. I have a great little coffee maker that loves the attention.  Seriously, she likes it when you tell her she's pretty because well, she kind of is ;)

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