TOP SECRET INFO - Are you ready for it?

I have some top secret information to share with you. Are you ready for it?
When I am hired to photograph a client, I do a lot more than snap a few photos.
Honestly, it's probably the shortest part of my job and only a portion of my vision as an artist.

Not a huge difference in these images, but the "after" definitely pops more than the original. I added a bit of warmth, smoothed some skin and added a bit more twinkle in her already gorgeous eyes.

An average session with me costs $200. Is that expensive? Cost is subjective. Some people think it's $200 for 45 minutes of my time. That sounds pretty fantastical. Unfortunately, that's not quite accurate.
When you factor in the cost and depreciation of my photography equipment, the time I spend on administrative duties, the money I put into training, utilities and taxes, promotional and marketing costs, and travel time ( just to name a few), does it still sound so fantastical? And I haven't even touched on the editing time.

Editing is time consuming but it's also a very big part of my vision when I shoot a session. The image you see on the back of my camera is definitely not the final result. I also shoot many more pictures than I provide in client galleries. Sorting through hundreds of photos – many of which are almost exactly the same minus Joey's eyes being closed, Bob's sneeze, Mary's wind blows hair over her face -can be tedious and boring but it's up to me to choose that special one out of the 5 shots I took of you in the same pose that has the best composition, facial expression, light, clarity, etc. The one that will deliver my final vision. You don’t want the one with your eyes closed or the one where it looks like you're growing a third arm. And personally, I don’t want to attach my name to anything that doesn’t look completely awesome.

When shooting during the winter, I typically shoot a bit under-exposed to avoid blowing out highlights (snow is very white and bright) and I also shoot at a cooler temperature. I prefer adding warmth in post processing - just a personal preference. This session took place at an NCC trail where everyone and their dog were out for a trek in all the fresh snow. It was pretty much impossible to avoid everyone so I had to do a little magic in post processing to remove those unwanted guests. I've also become a pro at head swapping, probably due to working with so many families and groups including children.

As I mentioned before, I shoot under-exposed and cooler during the winter, and especially when it's sunny. The light that day was gorgeous (and so was this mama) so I knew I could really enhance the light in post processing. I didn't have to do much to make my subject look better - she was glowing all on her own!

So what do I do exactly? In this post you'll see a few different before and after shots with a bit of editing info. I don't just shoot and correct in post processing. I shoot with purpose and intention. Yes, there are details I know I will work on in post processing, but the picture I take has to align with my vision. My photos are an expression of who I am as an artist. My shooting and editing style isn't the same as other photographers. Good. If you prefer someone else's style better, that's ok! Hire them instead! I don't have to be everyone's cup of tea - and honestly I don't have time to make that much tea! haha

I just want everyone who hires a photographer to look for more than a price tag, more than the number of years in business or even more than recommendations. This is an investment. You have to connect with a photographer's style and trust that they will deliver the quality and style of images you desire.  
I will now step off my soap box.