Now What? Show Them Off.

So you booked your photo session, had a fantastical time and love your images - now what?
What are you going to do with those beautiful pictures? 
Most of you change your Facebook profile picture, send the gallery to friends and family, and save them to a digital folder on your desktop - and hopefully on your external hard drive so you don't lose them -
and then forget about them. Noooooooooo!

I totally understand that we are in a digital age. Storing prints in old shoe boxes in the closet just isn't "in" - but isn't it fun to go through them and relive those memories? 
Do something with your photos! Whether it be prints, photo books, fridge magnets, key chains -
anything tangible that you can see on a daily basis.  
You made the investment - money and time-wise - so show them off!

If you're not sure where to send your images for print, ask me. If you want something custom-made, I can certainly offer suggestions. If you don't know how to display your prints,
check out the images in this post for inspiration.

As mentioned in my SPRING & SUMMER STYLE GUIDE, consider your display when planning your outfits and/or location for your photo session. Your images will look even better if they complement the style and colour of the room. It's also important to let me know if you need images to fill a particular-sized frame so that you can re-use the same display and just refresh the images.  

La vie est belle.