Milestone Session - Henry

Meet Henry. Henry is almost ONE. That is HUGE!
This epic milestone marks that bittersweet transition from baby to toddler.

Henry welcomed me into his home with open arms. Ok, maybe more like sticky fingers on my camera lens, but that was equally as endearing. Like most children his age, Henry loves playing peek-a-boo, so I hid behind the window curtain and let him find me.
He's very good at this game.

There are so many precious details to document at this age, like their favourite toys and activities, their curiosity and eagerness to learn, and of course their unique personality. As they teeter between baby and toddler, there is still so much proof of "baby" that remains -
those chubby dimpled hands melt me!

Henry is so close to walking on his own. He's determined and takes advantage of every opportunity to get moving. Mom and Dad had better brace themselves.
Happy First Birthday Henry! 

**Milestone sessions are a great way to document your child at their current developmental stage, in their own environment. These sessions will be available for booking as of February 2016. Details will be posted on the website soon.