Remember when...

When I showed my husband a few images from a recent newborn lifestyle session,  he was very impressed but then he asked me "but do people really want these kind of images?".
At first, I wanted to smack him upside the head, but instead, I took it as an opportunity to explain why these images are so valuable and why I LOVE shooting them.

When  my youngest was born, I hired an amazing newborn photographer with all the adorable props and cute baby poses. We have lots of great shots of him in buckets and all wrapped up, but my absolute favourite images are the ones the photographer snapped in between set ups;  like the one of me holding him,  shushing him back to sleep, or the one of my husband cradling  his tiny body in his hands. At the time, I wanted the baby in a bucket type of session; I mean really, how cute is a baby in a bucket??! But now, I really regret not having more real moments captured; the details, the interactions and the additional love that now filled our home.

So when my husband asked me that question, I responded:
"Well, think of it this way.... years down the road, do you want to look at your images and remember how cute your baby looked in a basket, or do you want to remember how tightly he would cling to your shirt, how he would furrow his brow as he dreamed, how tiny he looked in that big crib, or remember the countless hours you spent decorating and preparing his nursery? Do want your images to bring back the feeling of his warm little body in your arms or  the sweet newborn scent that filled the air? I want my clients to remember the feeling and the whole life altering experience of having a new baby in their lives. I can't imagine a parent wouldn't want these kind of images."

He actually got a little emotional - although if you know my husband, this probably doesn't come as a surprise haha. Aaaaaaand, I made my point :)

Don't get me wrong, I am in total awe of photographers who can pose newborns and capture such sweet and serene newborn images that totally rock as canvas art. Not everyone wants lifestyle images and that's ok too. Just like photographers shoot different styles, clients have their own styles and preferences too.  I'm not saying one is better than the other, I'm just explaining why I shoot this way and why I feel it's important.

If you would like to know more about the Newborn Lifestyle Sessions I offer, check out the session prep for details.

La vie est belle.