What's New? Let me tell you!

I recently requested your feedback in terms of what services YOU look for and prefer when hiring a photographer (preferably me), Your input provided me with the confirmation I needed to go ahead with my plans to revise my current photo packages and services. Thank you very much for your time and feedback.

So what's new? Let me tell you!

  • You voiced a strong preference to have access to download all edited images from your gallery, even if that meant a higher package price. You got it.
  • You wanted to include access to web-sized files to share on Facebook and other social media sites. You got it.
  • You wanted the option to have your session images available on a USB flash drive and/or place orders for prints or personalized products. Well, you got that too.

It really wasn't hard for me to say yes to all of the above, because I was seriously contemplating those options anyway. I work hard an all the images I edit and I would much rather my clients enjoy ALL of them and be able to relive the entire session experience through their images. I also encourage clients to have photos printed or create photo books; we tend to  accumulate so many digital images and never have anything tangible to cherish. I'm happy to help you in that department.

As you browse my website, you will certainly notice other changes as well. One major difference is that I will no longer be offering studio sessions. There a few reasons for this however the most important of which is that I need to put my family first and they need the space to live and grow more than my business does. But, don't fret! I will still continue to offer birthday and milestone sessions; they will simply take place on location, whether it be outdoors or at the client's home. In my experience, children (and adults) are most comfortable in a familiar place, and that comfort translate to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, and definitely more genuine smiles.

A couple other changes to note are reduced hours on mini session days (no more full day mini session dates - do I need to explain? haha) and outdoor sessions will only take place late afternoon & evening. Why is that? I have booked many sessions in the morning to mid afternoon and although it may be a preferred time for the client, it is not ideal for the photographer. Midday light is harsh, even when it's cloudy.  It's much more challenging for me to capture the highest quality images and requires much more editing to remove harsh shadows and colour casts on skin. The light in the late afternoon and evening (especially close to sunset) is much softer and more flattering. I love the images I can create at that time of day and I want to provide clients with my absolute best work. I am also open to sunrise sessions, but I know most of you get to actually sleep until after the sun rises haha
One last item to mention is that all photo sessions now require a 25% deposit to reserve the session date/time. My schedule is very full and I do not want to turn someone away unless I know for sure that a client has fully committed to their appointment. 

All these changes will official start July 1, 2015. What if you're already booked for a session this summer or fall? Your price is locked in as the price upon booking; no extra payment required. Same goes for anyone who purchased the More Minis Bundle; one of the benefits of this package is that your bundle price is fixed and is not affected by any price increases.


MA BELLE BARGAIN: I want to celebrate this new beginning, so if you book a session BEFORE JULY 1, 2015, you will only pay the current booking price but still benefit from all the new perks. It's a pretty sweet deal so if you were considering booking something this Summer or Fall, now's the time to do it!


Fall Festivities

Fall Festivities

Finding that proverbial balance...

Finding that proverbial balance...