Finding that proverbial balance...

Summer is in full swing and I have a slew of sessions scheduled - yippeeeee! 
 *As she sips on her 4th cup of coffee...*
Business is booming and I couldn't be more excited and flattered. A couple weekends ago, I hosted another successful mini session day where I met some new clients, reminisced with past clients and reconnected with old friends. I've snapped a bunch of beautiful brides, bumps and babies over the past few weeks too; documenting the joyful journey of each momentous milestone in my clients' lives. 

As my business grows, so does my passion and my focus. I've always loved capturing real life moments, and that has not changed. In fact, my love of story telling  has fueled my passion and directed my focus. I've spent a lot of time studying and developing my skills over the past few months, and I will forever continue to evolve  as a photographer.  Of course, there have been a few hiccups and struggles along the way; balancing passion, family and responsibilities requires strategic planning and impressive juggling skills. It's all part of the journey...

So where am I going with all this babble? Well, in order to better serve you, to feed my passion, to be the mom & wife my family needs (and deserves), and to stay happy and healthy, I've had to re-evaluate my goals and make some decisions based on those objectives. What does that mean?  Well, I will be tweaking my services and products to better balance my schedule (and stress levels), as well as to focus more on the style of photography I wish to create. I invite you to visit my Facebook page for updates or email me at if you have any questions at all.

I have added a Client Satisfaction Survey to my website and I welcome and will respond to all the feedback received. As always, I want my clients to enjoy every aspect of their experience with Michelle Ma Belle Photography and I will continue to strive to meet that goal. 

La vie est belle.