Let your imagination soar!

I am thrilled about the new addition to my prop family! I have wanted a wooden airplane for months but I'm not an engineer, or a carpenter... or a painter. I was really hoping my husband would construct my dream prop but it was a bit beyond his capabilities (I still love you hon!).

So, I started my search. I figured I would wait for something used to flip and make my own. To my surprise, I came across an adorable "Puddle Jumper" on a local buy & sell site for a VERY reasonable price. I snagged it up immediately. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, it was too awesome to flip. I realized that this adorable toy was actually build in the 60s in Vermont, and it was in mint condition. There was no way I could sand it down and repaint! So it became a new addition to our boys' toy collection.

Would you believe I stumbled across another handmade airplane rocker the next day?!?! And this was one was selling for the price of a couple lattes! It had been a family heirloom, build by grandpa and very well loved (meaning: colourfully painted and full of stickers). I felt a bit guilty removing all that love to create my masterpiece, however I knew it would be equally loved in my studio. It took a few (ok many) man hours but my dream prop has become a reality. A big thanks to my hubby for his assistance and patience; I couldn't have done it without you babe!

And now, my "Time Flies" portrait sessions are ready for action. I've acquired other adorable props such as maps, suitcases, goggles, a bomber jacket, toy planes, and more. It is available as "petite" session, ideal for birthdays or milestones, and it can also be used as a cake smash setting. Please contact me to book your flight ;)


It's a great themed session to watch your child's smiles take off and their imagination soar!