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Not too long ago, my sister shared a photo I had taken of her as a kid with our Ninja Turtle camera, posing for me in some ridiculous outfit in front of a makeshift backdrop. The lighting was horrible, the backdrop was crooked, and the little Leonardo imprint on the corner of the image was an eyesore.
Hey, we all start somewhere. 

Like many photographers I've met along the way, my passion for photography was truly sparked when I had my first child in 2006. I mean, what could possibly me more inspiring? I quickly evolved from a point & shoot camera to something I could use to really learn the art. I signed up for a bazillion photography courses, I practiced non-stop, and I annoyed every single one of my friends and family along the way. The fact that I can say that I've been doing something for over 10 years makes me feel pretty old, but also rather proud - and passionate.

So fast forward to today. It's still a little surreal to say "I'm a professional photographer". Not because I don't believe that I'm at that level but because it's such an honour and a privilege to join the club. Every time one of my images is featured on a blog or a website, I still feel like a school girl whose crush noticed her for the first time. 

A few lil tidbits about moi:

  • Although I would love to be a full time photographer, it is currently a part time gig. I hold a full time position as a public servant, but I am currently on leave.
  • I am a mother of 3 busy boys - I suppose that is redundant. They are constant source of inspiration - and exhaustion.
  • I was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley (don't hold that against me) but have lived in Ottawa since about 2003.
  • I am bilingual. I have been speaking both French and English most of my life.
  • I'm an endorphin junkie. I'm big on fitness and healthy lifestyles.
  • I switch my hair colour more often than my toothbrush. Ok, not really, but it's a close call. I'm currently blonde with pink undertones (funky, yeah!).
  • I choose Damon Salvatore.
  • I prefer Second Cup over Starbucks. 
  • I'm a sucker for dancing and singing movies. 
  • I use maple syrup in as many recipes as possible.

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